Thursday 7 April 2016

Rock Star Card - Be The Star Stamp Set By Stampin' Up!

Okay, I have been on a blogging streak and I told myself that before I did any more blog posts, I had to do something else. Over a year ago, I was really into running. But now that I've been more zoned into stamping, let's just say... my muscles are really relaxed! So today's challenge, well... was to go for a run before I posted on my blog. Fair enough deal right??? Said no one ever! Anyhow here I am ~5km later. Did you notice the approximate symbol (~)? It's my favourite one! Who has to be bang on when you can just approximate things, especially when it comes to things like running right? So now that I completed my task of running, I can share my rock star card. After all, I must be deserving of rock star status after the sweat I drenched myself in today... or not!

This sentiment could be used for many rock star moments in your loved one's lives. I really love the versatility of it! This rock star card uses a window sheet to hold those pretty stars afloat! Window sheets are an easy way to add that extra interest to your projects.

Well now for the next thing I have to do today, which is make supper (Chicken Divan)! I promised the hubby! Check out the Stampin' Up supply list below for all of your stamping needs & rock on!

Carolynn 💖


  1. You are a rock star for holding up you end of the deal! I hate running. I wish I loved it though! Always feels good after I'm done! Anyway, love the window sheet and the color choices! Fun bold card! And chicken divan is a family fave here too. Yum!

    1. Thanks Holly! I always love hearing from you. You definitely inspire me!