Tuesday 28 February 2017

Cool Treats Bundle & My Stampin' Up! Dream Event!

Well hello everyone! For those new to my blog I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been loving my hobby more and more these days, and I am so excited to share with you a couple of lovely cards that I created using the Stampin' Up! Cool Treats Bundle. One of these card samples was part of a recent card swap I participated in. There is nothing better than getting together with a few crafty friends to exchange crafty ideas and inspiration. Whatever the event, big or small, being surrounded by like minded individuals who passionately share the same interests is probably one of the most gratifying experiences one can imagine! 

Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Calgary Alberta

Speaking of events! Have you ever thought about what your dream papercrafting party would look like? Now upscale that and picture your dream papercrafting convention!  I have never been to a Stampin' Up! convention, let alone a papercrafting convention! My dream papercrafting affair would of course be one that has anything and everything to do with Stampin' Up! The big Stampin' Up! event that I am currently excited for is OnStage! As per the Stampin' Up! demonstrator website:

"OnStage is an exciting events program designed to bring together Stampin’ Up! demonstrators from all over the world. It allows them to share the excitement surrounding catalog launches, be recognized for their achievements, receive business training, and feel a part of the global Stampin’ Up! community. OnStage is also a little bit like attending a very big (and very fun!) party. You’ll meet new friends, swap, create Make & Takes, take home free products, and much more!"

Seriously!!! This is exactly what I would envision as my dream convention! The next OnStage local event is on April 8, 2017. Would you believe it is sold out in the Calgary area! I am lucky to say that I snatched my ticket up as soon as they went on sale. I can't wait to attend! The team of demonstrators I am a part of seems to keep growing! They are all wonderful people, and we always have fun at our get togethers! Saying that, most of us have yet to attend such a huge gathering! We will indulge in a yummy lunch that is provided at this Stampin' Up! event, but we have also decided to go out for a team celebratory dinner afterwards! It will be like that party that nobody wants to end! And who says it has to really???

So what makes these Stampin' Up! events A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Well if you are to ask me, anytime there is a  Stampin' Up! party, it is typically packed with papercrafting fanatics like myself. The enthusiasm and hysteria is relentless! Combine the excitement leading up to the event with the people, and it becomes phenomenal! At any one of these gatherings you will see cards, such as the ones I have shared with you today, being swapped like crazy. It is typical for attendees to mass produce their works of art so that they can be exchanged for other hand stamped masterpieces. What's not to love really? You'll be receiving hundreds of cards in a single day! #papercraftingdreamcometrue #ONSTAGE2017

What else would put this papercrafting princess on cloud nine? Other than the people, I would have to say live tutorials, prizes, loot bags full of my favourite Stampin' Up! products (What's not to love in a loot bag?), the opportunity to purchase special release products, projects that you get to make yourself that day to take home and ... Sha-Bam! To me that spells F-U-N!!! You can't get better than that can you??? Okay maybe add some ice cream, or a few cool treats & I am never heading home! AKA you might just have to kick me out! (Disclaimer: The wishes mentioned in this last section came from my Stampin' Up! pipe dream. Every event is slightly different, yet in the end they are all pretty much spectacular!)

Would you like to attend a Stampin' Up! event like OnStage? If so, feel free to contact me for details on joining our team as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. If this seems a little too over the top for you I am always happy to invite you to attend local gatherings! Or better yet, you could host your own in home papercrafting party with myself as your demonstrator! FYI when you are planning your own events, Eventbrite has amazing online registration software to help send out those invites! Their system can make it that much easier for you to promote your event and increase your attendance! Really I just want you to know that Eventbrite is pretty A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Who wouldn't want to add another tool like Eventbrite to their modern day pocket? You can also search for local events in your area by visiting Eventbrite here. There is entertainment of all sorts, you will for sure find something for everyone! Yay to no more boring weekends sitting on the couch! You're welcome!

Thanks for visiting today! If you have any questions at all feel free to send them my way! I am always happy to hear from my readers!


Carolynn 💖


Thursday 23 February 2017

Be Inspired Blog Hop ~ Sending Love

Well hello friends! Here we are enjoying yet another leap of creativity with today's global blog hop with the "Be Inspired Design Team". You are currently visiting Carolynn Sander's blog in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If you have been jumping along, you would would have arrived here from Maike Ulbrich's blog. Maike is from Germany and is super talented on so many levels! I can't express how great it is to be sharing bits of ink & inspiration in a blog hop with all of the fabulous stamping members on this team! Make sure you click on the next button at the end of this post so that you can follow along and be inspired by everyone's papercrafting art!

The theme for this week is sending love ... yah I know Valentine's Day is over. But wait a minute! Does that not mean that we can't share bits of love all year long? Like maybe we all need to think about this just a little bit longer ... and realize that we can spread love all year long if we choose to. Now a days it is all about choice, and living in the moment. I truly believe in this. If we choose, we can make someone's day just that much happier by expressing our feelings of like and love, verses hate and sorrow. As my wee daughter said the other day as we were making cards together, "Mommy I love you more than any number! I love you as much as you want me to, and there is no number to say how much I love you." Out of the mouths of babes, we need to love each other more than numbers can count, & more than one can express. Only then will this world, and ourselves be whole. So on that note, let's all just send love.

Today's card is yet another shaker! If you have been following my blog in the last year, you may have realized that I am a fool for falling in love with shaker cards! I LOVE THEM! I will try and hold back in the near future, but I can't promise that you won't see a few more. Like, let's get real! Who doesn't want to shake it! Here is a tutorial from Stampin' Up (if you have yet to view it) on how to create your own shaker.

Seriously, what's not to love here? Just make sure to send it, pay it, or just shake it forward! Make someone smile, & you will for sure spread the LOVE! Speaking of love, you will LOVE the next post in the hop because it has been put together by yours truly, Kimberly Van Diepen! Make sure you click on the button below! You don't want to miss out. <3

Carolynn Sander You Are Here

Thank you oh so much for stopping by today! I hope you loved all of the projects this week. If you are in Canada and you are interested in purchasing a few items, like the ones used to create today's project, just click on the supplies below. They will take you to my Canadian online Stampin' Up shop! It's open 24-7 for your crafting convenience!


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