Wednesday 6 April 2016

Faux Metal Tag - My First Stampin' Up Tutorial!

Well after yesterday's post I received a couple of inquiries into how the Faux Metal technique actually works. I first want to say I did not invent this technique, it was one I learned of years ago. Saying that, I have been wanting to put together a tutorial so what better opportunity? You'll have to let me know how I did here, as this is again new and exciting for me! Above is a a picture with all of the fun Stampin' stuff you will need if you wish to play along today.

We'll be making that Faux Metal birthday tag pictured below!

Here are the step by step instructions (with photos of course) that I put together!

Well that's it! Not much more to say as pictures speak louder than words! Check out the Stampin' supply list below for direct links to my Stampin' Up supply shop! & Happy Stampin!

Carolynn 💖

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