Tuesday 15 March 2016

Shimmery Mash Up!

Happy Tuesday! I was wanting to tackle another card challenge today & I came up with this shimmery treasure. I'm not going to lie ... I muddled around for a wee bit until I came up with something. Some days the mojo just takes a wee bit longer to click if you know what I'm say'n!

This card challenge was part of the Friday Mash Up! For this challenge I combined 3 colours from the palette below & added in some major shimmer with the Wink of Stella Pen. I love these types of challenges. They kinda force you to ink outside your stamp'n comfort zone.


Feel free to contact me (email:carebearstamps@gmail.com) for all your stampin' needs. And if you like... have a peek at the list below to check out all the supplies that went into making this card.

Thanks for stopping by!

Carolynn 💖



  1. Lovely card and great job on the coloring. Thank you for joining us over at Friday Mashup.

    1. Thank you so much Norma! I loved joining the mash up. The challenge was super fun & inspiring. I'm sad to hear the mash up will be ending <3. I'll definitely be referring back to past challenges for more creativity! Thanks so much again <3