Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My Stampin' Up! Artisan Dream!πŸ’–

Well hello again, I hope that you are all having a lovely day. Today's post is a wee bit different than my usual. Why you ask? Well it's kind of extra special. I have done my best to amalgamate my crafty blogging creations from this past year into one post. Why would I want to do that? Well I am openly admitting to the world that I am applying for a spot on the Stampin' Up! Artisan Design team for the 2018-2019 year. Have I applied before? Why yes. Have I ever announced it to the world? Gosh no! Why? Well whom on earth would ever want to openly admit defeat when one is not selected for the role? Truth is... I am not defeated. I have grown so much throughout this journey, and I have been blessed in so many ways. I am thankful for this hobby and what it has brought to my life.

Want to know some fun facts? Well I am laying it out there. I know some can relate.πŸ˜‰

Fact #1 - I started papercrafting in 2004.
Fact #2 - Shortly after my blogging journey began in 2015, I started to dream of being on the Stampin' Up! Artisan Design team.
Fact # 3 - I have now (including this time) applied 4 times.
Fact # 4 - There is so much A-M-A-Z-I-N-G talent out there. I truly don't know how Stampin' Up! chooses their Artisans every year. That would not be an easy task.
Fact #5 - I admire the Artisans and the non-Artisans alike. We are all unique and have our own strengths and gifts to share with the world. These gifts can't always be the same (or that would be boring).
Fact #6 - I tell my kids this all the time, and sometimes the advice we give our children is also great advice for ourselves.
Fact #7 - Although I have yet to reach that Artisan goal, I did enjoy the privilege of being a display stamper at the Stampin' Up! Onstage Live event in Salt Lake City last November. I had never been to Salt Lake City, nor had I ever attended a Stampin' Up! convention or Onstage Live event in my 10 years with Stampin' Up! This was an experience of a lifetime for me.
Fact #8 - I have worked as a nurse in the pediatric intensive care for almost 18 years. Although I love my job, it has at times throughout my past sent me into periods of depression. My crafting and blogging journey has been so very therapeutic for me. When I sit down to craft, I am in my own peaceful space (for many many hours).
Fact #9 - I have accepted that I may never be a Stampin' Up! Artisan. But I am okay with that. I have made some very close friendships along this journey. These connections bring me more joy than any award or recognition can bring.
Fact #10 - It might sound cheesy, but it truly is about the Stampin' Up! statement of the heart. "To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments ... in this we make a difference." Through this journey we make a difference not just for others, but also for ourselves.

On that note here are some of my favourite projects from this past year...

I hope that you have enjoyed this flashback of my fave creations from this past year! If you want to see more feel free to take the liberty to click through my blog & visit my other social media links. I also love comments, so feel free to leave a comment below. And, if you are from the Stampin' Up! headquarters... PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE! WITH GLITTER ON TOP! PICK ME! & Thank you from the bottom of my great big heart!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

If you are from Canada and you are interested in purchasing Stampin' Up! products, I would love to have you visit my Stampin' Up! online shop! Just click on the shop button below if you wish! Or, if you are from Canada and you are interested in being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator, click HERE for more info.

Again, thank you so much! In this we make a difference!πŸ’–

Cheers & Happy Stamping!


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